ISDA Protocol Adherence vs Bilateral Compliance – Existing Dodd-Frank Protocols (Including the ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol) and Looming Deadline for Banking Regulations Applicable to your Existing QFCs with GSIB Banks

Time: Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Level: Advanced
Room: Royal Palm Ballroom I-III


This presentation will first provide a broad overview of how all the existing ISDA Dodd-Frank protocols, alternative amending documents (such as the IECA forms), reporting documents and additional representations work together depending upon a party’s market segment and CFTC designation. Second, we will provide a deep-dive review of the impending deadlines for various banking regulations, their impacts on your contracts (so-called QFCs) with GSIB banks, the new ISDA Resolution Stay Protocol, potential bilateral templates, and a comparison of the creditor protections, and other burdens and benefits of the alternative bilateral forms of compliance for buy-side (i.e., non-bank) participants.

1.5 hrs CPE – Finance; 1.5 hrs CLE; 1.5 hrs CE


  • An intense session to learn about ISDA Protocols, Existing QFcs with GSIB Banks and looming deadlines.