KYC Best Practices: IECA White Paper Discussion

Time: Monday, October 14, 2019 - 9:00am to 10:00am
Level: General
Room: Indian Key/Bird Key


Intro to the IECA White Paper-KYC Best Practices; learn why virtually all participants in the energy industry need to understand and implement strong customer identification programs. Explore (i) the statutory and regulatory requirements for banks and other financial participants to adopt KYC policies, (ii) the criminal liabilities for anti-money laundering and terrorism financing laws applicable to everyone and managing that liability by implementing strong KYC practices, and (iii) the risk of inadvertent exposure to counterparty credit risk that can be managed by deploying a robust KYC program. We will include brief case studies, ranging from AML violations, counterparty credit risk exposures that might have been avoided, the KYC implications of new cryptocurrencies, and cyber-security implications of protecting KYC data. 1 hr CPE - Finance; 1 hr CE; 1 hr CLE


  • Identify key elements of KYC and the implications to the energy industry.