Michael Prokop


Managing Director


Mike Prokop is a Managing Director in Deloitte’s Regulatory and Operational Risk practice specializing in risk advisory, regulatory compliance, credit risk, and trade surveillance. He has more than 30 years of experience in the energy risk management industry and advises numerous energy companies in the natural gas, crude oil, power and LNG markets.  Mike is also the US Lead for Deloitte’s Advisory Blockchain efforts which span across the 23 industries that Deloitte currently serves.  In addition, Mike has extensive contact with energy regulators and represents Deloitte on the CFTC’s Energy and Environmental Market Advisory Committee.  Prior to joining Deloitte, Mike has been a Senior Vice President with Merrill Lynch Commodities, a Managing Partner of the inter-dealer broker Amerex, and a Managing Director at the CME Group where he led the Global energy asset class.