Safety Tips for Conference Participants

Traveling Smart

  1. Be careful about leaving valuables, purses, and IDs in meeting and hotel rooms. Make a copy of your ID so if it were lost, officials could use the information to check databases.
  2. Do not carry your passport with you once you arrive at the conference destination. Make a copy if needed and secure your passport in your hotel room safe. If lost or stolen, obtaining a new one can be difficult, time-consuming, and may even delay your return home.
  3. Avoid carrying all your cash with you. Always leave enough cash in your hotel room safe to get you through the conference should you be robbed or lose your money. To avoid making yourself a target do not display large amounts of cash or other valuable items.
  4. For women, try not to carry a purse if possible. If you must carry a purse, do so with it securely under your arm. 

Using Street Sense

  1. Be observant of your environment.  Use well-lit streets and areas that feel safe. Select routes that are the shortest distance between the host hotel and your destination but avoid deserted areas.
  2. Walk with confidence. To avoid being a target, communicate the message that you are confident, calm, know where you are going, and aware of your surroundings.
  3. Remove conference badges. Leave your conference badge and tote bag in your hotel room. These are signs that you are from out of town and may make you an easy target.
  4. Safety in numbers. Travel in groups and avoid traveling by yourself. Make sure to check on each other periodically and agree on departures times.
  5. Just Say No! Avoid street solicitors. If you feel compelled to give, donate to a charitable organization.

Hotel Safety

  1. Whether in the meeting room or guest room, be aware of the nearest exits in case of an emergency.
  2. Use all auxiliary locking devices on your hotel doors and windows. Use the door viewer to identify anyone requesting entry. Don't let anybody in your hotel room without knowing they are expected and wearing a uniform or badge. If in doubt, call the front desk.
  3. In case of a fire emergency, be sure to check the door for heat and smoke before exiting.

Las Vegas Tips

  1. Stick to crowded tourist areas. DO NOT roam past the crowds and tourist attractions. There are several slums directly outside the Strip and Fremont Street with plenty of gang activity. You cannot rely on these streets to be monitored or patrolled by the police. The Strip is located on Las Vegas Boulevard and runs from Mandalay Bay up to The Stratosphere. Fremont Street is a much smaller stretch and does not continue on to another road so there is less need to be mindful of when to stop and turn around.
  2. Be mindful of your personal items. Theft and pickpocketing are common in Las Vegas—even when there are people around. Avoid using your cellphone mindlessly, as this gives thieves an opportunity to run up and grab it. Pro tip: Wrap a thick rubber band around your wallet to make it more difficult for a pickpocketer to slip it out of your pocket.
  3. Gamble discreetly. If you’re feeling lucky and find yourself gambling at the slots or gaming tables, you’ll want to stay mindful of the risks on the casino floor. When playing the slots, keep your cash winning as credit in the machine until you’re ready to cash out, and never leave your slot machine unattended before cashing out.
  4. At the tables, never take your eyes off your chips. Thieves may drop a few coins around you as a distraction so you look down while they swipe some of yours. If the chips start to pile up, don’t be a show-off; exchange them for a higher denomination and tuck them away somewhere safe and out of sight.
  5. If you win big, ask the casino to give you a cashier’s check instead of hard currency and ask a member of security to escort you to your room if you are staying in that hotel.

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